Student-Led Program

High Altitude Ballooning for Space and Atmospheric Observation

Lead Students
Robert Karol
Joshua Lee

Caltech Faculty Mentor
Fiona Harrison

Project Summary

The purpose of our project was to conduct a series of high altitude balloon experiments on student-designed launch platforms. Many design goals were considered, including, but not limited to: horizontal control for helium weather balloons, tethered camera platforms (controlled and passive), rocket and glider payloads, self-stabilizing platforms, high-definition video platforms, and miscellaneous data collection. Over the course of the project, the High Altitude Ballooning Group completed two successful high altitude launches and several workshops on payload design and microcontroller programming. We have also conducted tests on tethered camera payloads, including field tests in Alaska for a related JPL study on imaging methane seeping from under frozen lakes.

For questions contact: Robert Karol, Joshua Lee or Michele Judd

Josh Lee

Student Co-Lead Joshua Lee.

Josh Lee

Photograph captured by Karol and Lee's first set of balloons.