Solicitation for 2016 Study Program Proposals:

  • Solicitation Release Date: 02 October 2015
  • Please view the details about the solicitation here.
  • Full solicitation in .pdf format is available here.
  • Proposal Concept Due Date: 06 November 2015 (noon)
    via email to Iryna Chatila.
  • Study Program Proposal Due Date: 22 December 2015 (noon) via email to Iryna Chatila.

2015 Programs:

  1. Optical Frequency Combs for Space Applications
  2. Methane on Mars
  3. Don't Follow (Just) the Water: Does Life Occur in Non-Aqueous Media?
  4. Exploring New Multi-Instrument Approaches to Observing Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Carbon Cycle From Space
  5. Three Dimensional (3D) Additive Construction for Space using In-Situ Resources

2014 Programs:

  1. Science and Enabling Technologies to Explore the Interstellar Medium
  2. Bridging the Gap: Observations and Theory of Star Formation Meet on Large and Small Scales
  3. Gazing at the Solar System: Capturing the Evolution of Dunes, Faults, Volcanoes and Ice from Space
  4. Mapping and Assaying the Near Earth Object Population Affordably on a Decadal Timescale
  5. Adaptive Multi-Functional Space Structures for Micro-Climate Control
  6. Venus Seismology

2013 Programs:

  1. The Sleeping Giant: Measuring Ocean Ice Interactions in Antarctica
  2. Airships: A New Horizon for Science
  3. New Approaches to Lunar Ice Detection and Mapping
  4. Planetary Magnetic Fields: Planetary Interiors and Habitability
  5. Satellites to the Seafloor: Autonomous Science to Forge a Breakthrough in Quantifying the Global Ocean Carbon Budget

2013 Student-Led Program:

  1. Inferring Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Celestial Bodies Regolith Using (Simple) Low-Tech Tools
  2. RUAV Scout and Recharging Station

2012 Programs:

  1. New Methods to Measure Photosynthesis from Space
  2. In Situ Science and Instrumentation for Primitive Bodies
  3. Quantum Communication, Sensing and Measurement in Space
  4. Engineering Resilient Space Systems
  5. Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science
  6. CMB Polarization Cosmology in the Coming Decade

2012 Student-Led Program:

  1. Tools and Algorithms for Sampling in Extreme Terrain

2011 Programs:

  1. Asteroid Return Mission Study
  2. Digging Deeper: Algorithms for Computationally-Limited Searches in Astronomy
  3. Next Generation UV Instrument Technologies Enabling Missions in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Planetary Sciences
  4. Monitoring of Geoengineering Effects and their Natural and Anthropogenic Analogues
  5. xTerramechanics - Integrated Simulation of Planetary Surface Missions

2011 Student-Led Programs:

  1. High Altitude Ballooning for Space and Atmospheric Observation
  2. Caltech Space Challenge

2010 Programs:

  1. Future Missions to Titan: Scientific and Engineering Challenges
  2. The First Billion Years
  3. Innovative Satellite Observations to Characterize the Cloudy Boundary Layer

2009/2010 Programs:

  1. Monitoring Earth Surface Changes from Space
  2. Single Photon Counting Detectors
  3. Innovative Approaches to Exoplanet Spectra
  4. Quantifying the Sources and Sinks of Atmospheric CO2
  5. Innovative Approaches to Planetary Seismology

2008/2009 Programs:

  1. New Directions in Robotic Exploration of Mars
  2. Coherent Arrays for Astronomy and Remote Sensing
  3. Large Space Structures
  4. Climate Feedbacks and Future Remote Sensing Observations
  5. Shedding Light on the Nature of Dark Matter
  6. Mission Concepts for Accessing and Sampling High-Risk Terrains on Planetary Surfaces
  7. Innovative Concepts in IR/Submm Astronomy from Space


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