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New Methods to Measure Photosynthesis from Space


A. Porcar-Castell, E. Tyystjärvi,
J. Atherton,
C. van der Tol,
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May 27, 2014.
C. Frankenberg,
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J.-E. Lee,
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May 1, 2013. (pdf)
L. Guanter,
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M. Meroni,
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J.-E. Lee, J. Joiner
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retrieval of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from ground and space", Remote Sensing of Environment Volume 133,
Pages 52–61.
June 15, 2013. (pdf)
N. C. Parazoo,
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C. Frankenberg,
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J. Joiner,
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C. Frankenberg
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2013. (pdf)
C. Frankenberg,
C. O'Dell,
L. Guanter,
J. McDuffie
"Remote sensing of near-infrared chlorophyll fluorescence from space in scattering atmospheres: implications for its retrieval and
interferences with atmospheric CO2 retrievals", Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 5, 2081-2094. doi:10.5194/amt-5-2081-2012. March 29, 2012. (pdf)


K. Grossmann et al. "PhotoSpec - Ground-based Remote Sensing of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence", poster presented at the 2015 AGU meeting. (poster)

J. A. Berry et al.

"New Methods to Measure Photosynthesis from Space", poster presented 01 May 2013 at the 2013 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla, CA. (poster)


For questions contact: Paul Wennberg, Christian Frankenberg,
Joseph Berry or Michele Judd


Image credit:
Pat Rawlings/ Keck Institute for Space Studies.