Study Programs

Quantum Communication, Sensing and Measurement in Space

Team Leads
Keith Schwab (Caltech)
Baris Erkmen (JPL)
Jeffrey Shapiro (MIT)

The study program was organized with the objectives of:

  1. identifying fundamental physics opportunities in space, as well as application areas in communications and sensing that could benefit from novel quantum‐enhanced techniques under realistic environmental conditions;
  2. identifying key performance requirements to realize the promised gains; and
  3. capturing the state-of-the-art relative to these requirements in order to determine the research and development avenues that could deliver quantum-enhanced capabilities.

This study program has identified both near-term opportunities that could be ready for space-based experiments within a few years span, and more ambitious longer-term science, communication, and sensing opportunities where new research and development efforts are likely to result in high payoffs. For more details, please read the final report above.

For questions contact: Keith Schwab, Baris Erkmen, Jeffrey Shapiro or Michele Judd

Keith Schwab

Study Co-Lead Keith Schwab from Caltech.

Baris Erkmen

Study Co-Lead Baris Erkmen from JPL.

Jeffrey Shapiro

Study Co-Lead Jeffrey Shapiro from MIT.