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Quantum Communication, Sensing and Measurement in Space

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N. Kiesel, F. Blaser, U. Delic, D. Grass,
R. Kaltenbaek,
M. Aspelmeyer
"Cavity cooling of an optically levitated submicron particle," PNAS, vol. 110, no. 35, 14180-14185, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1309167110. August 27, 2013. (pdf)

For questions contact: Keith Schwab, Baris Erkmen, Jeffrey Shapiro or Michele Judd

Keith Schwab

Study Co-Lead Keith Schwab from Caltech.

Baris Erkmen

Study Co-Lead Baris Erkmen from JPL.

Jeffrey Shapiro

Study Co-Lead Jeffrey Shapiro from MIT.