Student-Led Programs

RUAV Scout and Recharging Station

Lead Student
Jungsoo Park

Caltech Faculty Mentor
Richard Murray

This student-led project will develop a system with the following capabilities: an RUAV (Rotary-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) capable of scouting nearby area and providing detailed pictures and videos of the ground, and a ground platform capable of recharging and monitoring RUAV.

The RUAV will have following sensors and electronics: gyroscope and acceleration sensors for hovering, pressure sensors to maintain altitude, IR distance sensor for hazard avoidance, and local positioning sensors for navigation.

The platform will be able to monitor the status of the RUAV and provide safe landing site and batteries for the RUAV. It will feature cameras and docking sensors (to be determined) to safely guide the RUAV down to the platform.

For questions contact: Jungsoo Park or Michele Judd

Morgan Cable

Jungsoo Park, Caltech Student, Student-led of the RUAV Scout and Recharging Station Project.