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Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science


I. Sagiv,
S. R. Kulkarni,
E. S. Phinney,
C. Beichman,
S. P. Worden, et al.

"Science with a wide-field UV transient explorer", arXiv:1303.6194v1. [astro-ph.CO].
March 25, 2013. (pdf)


P. C. Liewer,
A. T. Klesh,
B. D. Anderson,
M. Arya, S. Pellegrino,
J. W. Cutler, et al.
"A Fractionated Space Weather Base at L5 using CubeSats & Solar Sails", Interplanetary Small Satellite Conference.
June, 2013. (pdf)
C. D. Norton,
S. Pellegrino,
M. Johnson
"Findings of the Keck Institute for Space Studies Program on Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science", 27th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites. 2013. (pdf)


EarthZine: A Hitchhiker's Guide to CubeSats
August 8, 2014

For questions contact: Charles Norton, Sergio Pellegrino, Michael Johnson or Michele Judd.

Charles Norton

Study Co-Lead Charles Norton from JPL.

Sergio Pellegrino

Study Co-Lead Sergio Pellegrino from Caltech.

The final Study Co-Lead is Michael Johnson from JA.