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Caltech Space Challenge

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NOTE: This program was sponsored by the Keck Institute for Space Studies which is funded by a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation, a private foundation that supports pioneering discoveries in science, engineering and medical research.

Papers and Presentations:

F. Alibay, A. Frick, E. M. Timmons,
E. A. Frank
"Finding NEO: A Manned Mission to a NEO", AIAA Space Conference. September 11, 2012. (paper) (presentation)
J. Rabinovitch,
A. Goel,
U. Niedzielska,
S. Ganesan,
R. E. Forman
"Vault-1 - A Mission Architecture for Human Exploration of Near-Earth Objects", AIAA Space Conference. September 11, 2012.
(paper) (presentation)


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KISS Asteroid Illustration

Image credit: Rick Sternbach / Keck Institute for Space Studies.