Technical Development Completed
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Monitoring Earth Surface Changes from Space

The final technical development report was submitted in November 2012.

In addition to the support provided by the Keck Institute for Space studies, these activities are supported by matching funds from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (PI, J.P. Avouac), from UAE and Kuwait (PI, E. Heggy), and from the MDAP NASA program (PI, Nathan Bridges).

Activities were organized under five different themes, each lead by a different PI:

  1. Optical Image Time-Series (PI: Sebastien Leprince). These activities developed techniques to analyze optical images acquired by different imaging systems and at different times to look at general landscape evolution (evolutions due to tectonic activity, glacier flow, landslides, sand dunes migration, etc.). They also buillt a framework for large scale processing to look at global changes.

  2. SAR Time-Series Analysis (PI: Mark Simons). This group developed techniques to analyze radar image time series, in particular via interferrometric techniques. These activities involved close interactions with JPL via the ARIA project (PI: Susan Owen).

  3. Seismic Waves Imaging (PI: Pablo Ampuero). This sub-team developed techniques for seismic inversion with dense measurement in time and space, such as measurement that would be provided by a space seismometer. These activities also involved close interactions with JPL, which received a matching R&TD funding to investigate the development of a space optical seismometer (PI: David Redding).

  4. Sub-surface Imaging (PI: Essam Heggy). These activities involved close interactions at testing the possibility of an Earth orbiting Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Within the scope of this project, only airborne applications were sought after, with study for space applications.

  5. Science Applications (PI: Mike Lamb). This group took advantage of the techniques developed by the other groups. It also drove the technical developments and implemented the external visitor program.

For questions contact: Jean-Philippe Avouac, Paul Rosen or Michele Judd


Jean-Philippe Avouac

Study Co-Lead Jean-Philippe Avouac from Caltech.


Paul Rosen

Study Co-Lead Paul Rosen from JPL.