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Mission Concepts for Accessing and Sampling High-Risk Terrain

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Papers that have acknowledged this KISS Study:

D. Tsai,
I. A. D. Nesnas,
D. Zarzhitsky
"Autonomous Vision-based Tethered-assisted Rover Docking ", 2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). November 3-7, 2013. (pdf)
P. Johnson,
D. Zarzhitsky
"Methods for Improving Long-Range Wireless Communication between Extreme Terrain Vehicles", August 9, 2012. (pdf)
I. A. Nesnas,
J. Matthews,
J. W. Burdick,
R. Miyake,
B. Solish
"Axel and DuAxel rovers for the sustainable exploration of extreme terrains," Journal of Field Robotics, Special Issue: Special Issue on Space Robotics, Part II, Volume 29, Issue 4, pages 663-685. July/August 2012. (view online)
J. Burdick,
I. A. Nesnas,
J. Edlund,
A. Wu, J. Cecava,
T. Oliver
"Axel: A Minimalist Tethered Rover for Exploration of Extreme Planetary Terrains," IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Special Issue on Space Robotics.
December, 2009. (pdf)

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