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xTerramechanics: Integrated Simulation of Planetary Surface Missions


F. Zhou,
R. E. Arvidson, K. Bennett,
B. Trease,
R. Lindemann,
P. Bellutta,
K. Iagnemma,
C. Senatore
"Simulations of Mars Rover Traverses", Journal of Field Robotics 31(1), 141–160 (2014).
2014. (pdf)
I. Vlahinic,
E. Ando,
G. Viggiani,
J. E. Andrade
"Towards a more accurate characterization of granular media: extracting quantitative descriptors from tomographic images", Granular Matter (2014), 16:9–21. DOI 10.1007/s10035-013-0460-6. Springer (2013).
December 7, 2013. (pdf)
C. Senatore,
M. Wulfmeier,
I. Vlahinic,
J. Andrade,
K. Iagnemma
"Design and implementation of a particle image velocimetry method for analysis of running gear–soil interaction", Journal of Terramechanics, 50 (2013) 311–326. October 20, 2013. (pdf)
J.Y. Wong,
T. Kobayashi
"Further study of the method of approach to testing the performance of extraterrestrial rovers/rover wheels on earth", Journal of Terramechanics. November 20, 2012. (pdf)
M. Contreras, C.-Y. Peng,
D. Wang,
J.-S. Chen
"Determining Wheel-Soil Interaction Loads using a Meshfree Finite Element Approach Assisting Future Missions with Rover Wheel Design",
AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference. August 13 - 16, 2012. (view online)

J.Y. Wong

"Predicting the performances of rigid rover wheels on extraterrestrial surfaces based on test results obtained on earth", Journal of Terramechanics, Vol. 49, Issue 1, Pages 49–61.
December 22, 2011. (pdf)


J. E. Andrade,
C. F. Avila,
W. Sun
"Multiscale characterization & modeling of geomaterials", presented at the AGU Fall Meeting on December 2011. (pdf)
B. Trease,
R. Lindemann,
J. E. Andrade,
K. Iagnemma,
I. Vlahinic
"Report from the 2011 Summer Series of Workshops on 'xTerramechanics'", presented at the 17th International Conference of the International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems on September 21, 2011.
abstract (pdf)
full program (pdf)

For questions contact: José Andrade, Randel Lindemann, Karl Iagnemma or Michele Judd

José Andrade

Study Co-Lead José Andrade from Caltech.

Randel Lindemann

Study Co-Lead Randel Lindemann from JPL.

Karl Iagnemma

Study Co-Lead Karl Iagnemma from MIT.