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California as Seen from Space
Delivering Actionable Science

September 14, 2009
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125


Once famously described as the final frontier, space is becoming a key vantage point for managing precious resources, protecting fragile environments, and supporting emergency response and preparedness here on Earth.  The view from space provides both the global context of changes on Earth and the local and regional impacts of those changes. 

However, transforming space-based observations to scientific information that is accessible and useful to decision-makers remains a tremendous challenge.  Many decision-makers are not aware of the full capabilities of current space-based instruments.  Moreover, much of the information derived from space-based observations is buried in data archives and only accessed by technical experts for select research topics. 

With the rapid evolution of information technology and the increasing emphasis on translating science data for the benefit of society, the prospects for applying space-based data to California’s day-to-day and long-term strategic challenges have never been higher.


This one day symposium was designed to bring together specialists in space-based Earth observations/information with technical leaders of state and local agencies, non-governmental environmental groups and commercial resource and environmental companies to address the promise and impediments in translating science observations to useful information and effectively getting that information into the hands of decision-makers.

For questions contact: Paul Wennberg, Diane Evans or Michele Judd.

"Image of Dr. Diane Evans, JPL"

Symposium Co-Lead Diane Evans, Director of the Earth Science and Technology Directorate at JPL.

Image of Dr. Diane Evans, JPL

Interferogram showing subsidence at Lost Hills. Image credit: JPL