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Large Space Apertures

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November 10-11, 2008
California Institute of Technology
Lees-Kubota Lecture Hall - Guggenheim Building
Pasadena, CA 91125

The workshop provided an opportunity for interaction between the local participants (from Caltech and JPL) and a number of external participants that will shape the future directions of an ongoing 6-month study that began with this kick-off workshop. Our aim is to make a lasting impact on the field of large space apertures.

The Large Apertures Workshop had the following objectives:

  1. What are the community’s needs for (a) optical apertures or (b) RF apertures in the next 10-20 years?
  2. What is the state of the art in optical and RF apertures?
  3. What are the roadblocks that prevent us from meeting the community’s needs, given the state of the art?
  4. What approaches could be followed to address these roadblocks?

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Large Space Apertures