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Shedding Light on the Nature of Dark Matter

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The Darkest Galaxies
Marla Geha, Yale
(video) (pdf)

July 22, 2009
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

In the past three years, fourteen Milky Way satellite galaxies have been discovered, more than doubling the known population. These newly discovered "ultra-faint" galaxies have emerged as the least luminous and most dark matter-dominated galaxies in the known Universe. They are dramatically reshaping our understanding of galaxy formation and may hold the keys to deciphering the nature of dark matter. Professor Marla Geha reviewed our current understanding of the ultra-faint galaxies, focusing on the constraints these objects provide on dark matter.

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Marla Geha from Yale University

Marla Geha

Chuck Keeton, Rutgers University, and Marla Geha, Yale University, prior to her lecture on "The Darkest Galaxies."