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Digging Deeper: Algorithms for Computationally-Limited Searches in Astronomy - Part II

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December 12-15, 2011
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

This workshop is a conclusion of the Keck Institute for Space Studies program on "Digging Deeper: Algorithms for Computationally-Limited Searches in Astronomy."

There are many areas of astronomy where the sensitivity of searches for some types of signals is computationally limited, and either faster computers or better algorithms would lead to more discoveries in the same massive data sets or data streams. Examples include gravitational-wave data analysis, or the rapidly developing field of synoptic sky surveys, where transient signals from a variety of interesting astrophysical phenomena must be detected and characterized in (near) real-time.

During the initial workshop in June 2011, we have focused on 3 specific challenges:

  1. Detection of long, faint gravitational wave chirps.
  2. Detection of intermittant, sub-significant signals (sources detected multiple times, in some, but not all observations, and not statistically significant in any individual observation).
  3. Rapid classification and characterization of transient events in synoptic sky surveys.

Our goal for the closing workshop is to review some of the work done to date, and focus on some of the outstanding issues for the future studies.

The initial part of this workshop (Dec. 12-13) is open to anyone interested, and is described on (registration required). The subsequent portion of the workshop (Dec. 14-15) is for the core group members only (if you have been invited in June, you are a core group member).

For questions contact: George Djorgovski, Curt Cutler, Bruce Elmegreen or Michele Judd

George Djorgovski

Study Co-Lead George Djorgovski from Caltech.

Curt Cutler

Study Co-Lead Curt Cutler from JPL.

Bruce Elmegreen

Study Co-Lead Bruce Elmegreen from IBM.