Workshop Overview

Innovative Approaches to Exoplanet Spectra

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November 10-13, 2009
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

We took a fresh look at exoplanet characterization science from the point of view of new instruments that could do breakthrough science or that could pave the way for the next generation of space missions.   We were especially interested in generating ideas for near-term projects from innovative observing platforms, including but not limited to aircraft, balloons, rockets, and the International Space Station, with the understanding that these platforms may afford quicker access to near-space, and at lower cost, than a full space mission.


For questions contact: Michele Judd

Wes Traub

Study Co-Lead Wes Traub from JPL.

Gas-giant exoplanet

This artist's impression shows a gas-giant exoplanet transiting across the face of its star.

Image Credit: ESA/
C. Carreau