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In Situ Science and Instrumentation for Primitive Bodies

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Papers that have acknowledged this KISS study:

M. Neveu,
S. J. Desch,
J. C. Castillo-Rogez
"Core cracking and hydrothermal circulation can profoundly affect Ceres' geophysical evolution", Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. doi:10.1002/2014JE004714.
December 29, 2014. (pdf)
M. Neveu,
S. J. Desch,
E. L. Shock,
C. R. Glein
"Prerequisites for explosive cryovolcanism on dwarf planet-class Kuiper belt objects", Icarus. Accepted: March 25, 2014.

Presentations and Posters:

M. Neveu,
S. J. Desch,
J. C. Castillo-Rogez
"Cracking in Ceres' Core as an Opportunity for Late Hydrothermal Activity", Lunar and Planertary Science Conference.
Abstract (pdf), Poster (png)

For questions contact: John Eiler, Jordana Blacksberg, John Dankanich or Michele Judd

John Eiler

Study Co-Lead John Eiler from Caltech.

Jordana Blacksberg

Study Co-Lead Jordana Blacksberg from JPL.

John Dankanich

Study Co-Lead John Dankanich from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.