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Monitoring Earth Surface Changes from Space - Part II

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March 29-31, 2010
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

NOTE: This is an invitation-only workshop.

Since the last meeting, many of us have engaged in exploring the ideas generated at the October workshop in more detail, and we look forward to coming together again to share these results and perhaps choose the most promising areas for future collaboration.  In particular, we are planning to discuss perspectives regarding the use or improvement of remote sensing techniques to image and measure:

  • seismic waves from optical and SAR systems
  • the time evolution of surface deformation due to tectonic,volcanic processes or ice flow
  • the time evolution of the topography (in relation to geomorphic processes on land, or to the changing mass balance of glacier and ice-sheet)
  • ice thickness from electromagnetic tomography
  • the shallow sub-surface properties (from VLF imaging in particular)
  • surface water velocity
  • shallow water depth

Presentations of recent results, free-form discussions, and brainstorming on these topics should lead to a fruitful three days of deliberation and refinement of our ideas.

To highlight one of our topics, we are planning to have a public lecture on the Haiti and Chile earthquakes on March 30 in the evening, in which some of the speakers will discuss the recent results that have been learned from remote sensing and ground based observations of that earthquake.

For questions contact: Michele Judd

Jean-Philippe Avouac

Study Co-Lead Jean-Philippe Avouac from Caltech.


Paul Rosen

Study Co-Lead Paul Rosen from JPL.