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Venus Seismology

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June 2-6, 2014
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Short Course Presentations
Dave Stevenson (Caltech Campus) Venus : major science questions
(1.97 MB pdf)(video)
Jeffery L. Hall (JPL/Caltech) Exploring Venus with Landers, Orbiters and Balloons (1.8 MB pdf) (video)
David Mimoun
(ISAE Toulouse)
Taking the Lid Off the Internal Structure of Venus : Options for a Seismic Investigation (15.5 MB pdf) (video)

Workshop Presentations
Philippe Lognonné Open Lecture at the Hameetman Auditorium:
New Frontiers of Planetary Seismology

For questions contact: Jim Cutts, Dave Stevenson, David Mimoun, or Michele Judd


Jim Cutts

Study Co-Lead Jim Cutts, from JPL.

Dave Stevenson

Study Co-Lead Dave Stevenson, from Caltech.

David Mimoun

Study Co-Lead David Mimoun, from ISAE Toulouse.