Lecture: The Role of Leadership in the Journey to Gender Equality

Ensuring increased gender diversity and equality across our organizations requires a strong commitment from the top. This panel discussion explores the steps taken to date by JPL and Campus leadership to recruit, retain and promote a diverse talent pool, summarizes the major accomplishments over the last decade, and highlights the next steps. A Q&A session will follow.

26 - 31

Caltech Space Challenge 2017

Students from a wide range of backgrounds are invited to Caltech, formed into two teams, and given a mission design problem. The teams attend lectures related to mission planning, are given the necessary development tools, and are challenged to produce a viable mission design. This confluence of people and resources is a unique opportunity for young and enthusiastic students to work with experienced professionals in academia, industry, and national laboratories.


Lecture: The Glass Ceiling and The Glass Universe

Women found an early, productive place in the activities of the Harvard College Observatory. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, as many as twenty women at a time made fundamental discoveries in astrophysics by examining glass photographic plates taken hour by hour, night after night, in both the northern and the southern hemisphere.

3 - 4

The Dawn of Private Space Science Symposium

The Dawn of Private Space Science Symposium is a new platform to facilitate communication between the private space industry and scientists. The symposium brings together leading scientists, foundations, corporations, policy makers, and commercial spacelines under one roof to create opportunities for scientific research in space. This groundbreaking collaboration will enable advancement of science that will benefit our species, planet, and existence.