Workshop Presentations

Three Dimensional (3D) Additive Construction
for Space using In-Situ Resources

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public lecture short course presentations

August 24-28, 2015
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Short Course Presentations
Rob Mueller  NASA/Kennedy Space Center Space Environments and Planetary Civil Engineering
(3.57 MB .pdf)
Phil Metzger  University of Central Florida Material Properties of Regolith and Other Materials Available on the Moon, Mars and Asteroids for 3D Additive Construction
(8.35 MB .pdf)
A. Scott Howe  JPL/Caltech

Space Architecture
(9.57 MB .pdf)

Brian Wilcox  JPL/Caltech  Introduction to Robotics for 3D Additive Construction
(907 KB .pdf)

Workshop Presentations
Jennifer Edmunson
ESSSA Contract NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Planetary Resources (1 MB .pdf)
Jim Keravala Shackleton Energy Company Keck 3D Construction Workshop SEC OWC Overview (3.9 MB .pdf)
Xavier De Kestelier Foster+Partners The World's First 3-D Printed (9.7 MB .pdf)
Phil Metzger  University of Central Florida Industrial Production Processes for Materials on the Moon, Asteroids and Mars
(93 KB .pdf)
Takashi Nakamura Physical Sciences Inc. Solar Thermal Power System for ISRU Applications Field Deployment and Operation at Mauna Kea, HI (4.57 MB .pdf)
Brian Wilcox  JPL/Caltech  Projections for Space Robotics 2015-2035 (587 KB .pdf)

Poster Session
Luis Gil Economically Variable Space Station (.jpg)
Allison Klute Satellite Capturing, Remediation and Processor (.jpg)
Ally Kit Space Track (.jpg)
Jeremy Brunel Space Port 2045 (.jpg)
  Cereus EVSS (.jpg)
Langs Invert Planet (.jpg)
  Metha-Fly (.jpg)
M. Trujillo,
A. Escobar
EVSS (.jpg)
A. Scott Howe  JPL/Caltech Future Directions (7.24 MB .pdf)
Xavier De Kestelier Foster+Partners

3D-Printing a Lunar Base (video)

Takashi Nakamura Physical Sciences Inc. 3-D Additive Construction for Space - Solar Powered Materials Processing (9.97 MB .pdf)

For questions contact: Dennis Kochmann, Scott Howe, Rob Mueller, or Michele Judd

Dennis Kochmann

Study Co-Lead Dennis Kochmann, from Caltech.

A. Scott Howe

Study Co-Lead A. Scott Howe, from JPL.

Rob Mueller

Study Co-Lead Rob Mueller, from NASA Kennedy Space Center