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Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science

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July 16-20, 2012
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Short Course - (flyer pdf)
Shri Kulkarni, Caltech LIMSat (video) (pdf to be posted shortly)
Andrew Kalman, Pumpkin Inc. Nine Years And Counting - A Nanosatellite Designer's Perspective (video) (1.6 MB pdf)
James Cutler, U of Michigan Science and CubeSats – the NSF
Experiment (video) (23.6 MB pdf)
Glenn Lightsey, UT Austin Capabilities of the SmallSat Platform (video) (3.4 MB pdf)

Julie Castillo-Rogez, JPL

SmallSats Mission Concepts for Planetary Exploration (video) (pdf to be posted shortly)
Panel on Small Satellite New Exploration Concepts in Astrophysics (video):
  • Ranga Ram Chary (Caltech - IPAC)
  • Chris Martin (Caltech - GALEX)
  • Phil Nicholson (Cornell)
  • Vassilis Angelopoulos, UCLA - Magnetospheric Constellations:
    The Natural Next Step in Heliophysics Exploration (1.9 MB pdf)
Moderator: Sterl Phinney

Charles Norton, JPL Introductions and Goal Setting (3.1 MB pdf)
Sara Seager, MIT Planetary Science Unique Space Science from Small Satellites (7 MB pdf)
Manan Arya, Caltech Poster: AAReST Project- Ae105 Class Involvement (1 MB pdf)
Rebecca Jensen-Clem, MIT Poster: ExoplanetSat- The Search for Earth-Sized Planets (4.4 MB pdf)
Laura Jones, Cornell University Poster: The Technological Development of
Flux-Pinned Interfaces for Spacecraft (1.9 MB pdf)
Chris Shaffer, UCLA Poster: Study of the Need for Solar Panel Coverglass for CubeSat Missions (448 KB pdf)
Sara Spangelo, U of Michigan Poster: Optimizing Satellite Operations: Near-Earth to Interplanetary Missions (10.4 MB pdf)
John Springmann, U of Michigan Poster: Design and Calibration Techniques for Improved Small Satellite Performance (2.3 MB pdf)
John Steeves, Caltech Poster: AAReST Technology Development (1.3 MB pdf)
Austin Williams, Calpoly Poster: PolySat (7.7 MB pdf)
Neil Murphy, JPL Unique Space Science from Small Satellites (pdf to be posted soon)
Steve Unwin, JPL

Recap of July 2012 Cubesat-Based Low Frequency Radio Astronomy Missions Workshop

Stephen Murray, STScI and Johns Hopkins U. Can Small Satellites Be Used to do Astronomy?
(13.2 MB pdf)

For questions contact: Charles Norton, Sergio Pellegrino, Michael Johnson or Michele Judd.