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Next Generation UV Instrument Technologies Enabling Missions in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Planetary Sciences

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August 29 - September 2, 2011
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Short Course: Overview of Science, Technology Key Points, New Horizons
Paul Scowen (ASU) UV Spectroscopy/Imaging and Science Questions (11 MB pdf) (video)
Michael Hoenk/Frank Greer (JPL)

What is on the Surface? (video) (6.58MB PDF of Michael Hoenk's presentation)

Atomically precise surface and interface
engineering via atomic layer deposition to enable high-performance materials, detectors, and
instruments (2.5MB pdf of Frank Greer's presentation)

Nai-Chang Yeh (Caltech) / Doug Bell (JPL) Nanotechnology and its relevance to UV Science
(video) (4.4 MB pdf of Doug Bell's presentation)
Kevin France, Chris Martin, Bruce Woodgate, Amanda Hendrix, Hakeem Olusheyi, Wes Traub Panel Discussion on UV/Optical Science
Workshop: Next Generation UV/Optical Instrument Technologies:
Chris Martin Welcome and Workshop Overview
Hakeem Olusheyi Heliophysics Lightning Talk
Kevin France, University of Colorado From Protoplanetary Disks to Exoplanetary Atmospheres (2.4 MB pdf)
Chris Martin, Caltech Astrophysics/Cosmology Lightning Talk
Amanda Hendrix, JPL

Current Questions in UV Planetary Science (17.5 MB pdf)

Matthew Beasley, CU-Boulder Optical Systems for the UV (14.5 MB pdf)
Dan Wilson, JPL Spectrometers/Gratings
David Schiminovich, Columbia University History, Successes, Limitations, Future Projections
Oswald Siegmund, UC Berkeley Advances in microchannel plates and photocathodes for photon counting detectors (2.7 MB pdf)
Bruce Woodgate, NASA GSFC GaN Photocathodes and EBCMOS Detectors
for UV Astronomy (9 MB pdf)
Patrick Morrissey, Caltech

Ultraviolet Detectors for Low Surface Brightness Astronomy (11.6 MB pdf)

Edoardo Charbon, Delft University of Technology Single-Photon Imaging: Myth and Reality (129 MB pdf)
Shadi Shahedipour, State University of New York-Albany Photon Detectors: Gallium Nitride Based Device Overview (4.1 MB pdf)
Lis Nanver, Delft University of Technology PureB silicon photodiode detectors for
DUV/VUV/EUV light and low-energy electrons (7.7 MB pdf)
Ben Mazin, UC Santa Barbara Optical Lumped Element MKIDs (4.3 MB pdf)


For questions contact: Chris Martin, Shouleh Nikzad, David Schiminovich or Michele Judd.

Christopher Martin

Study Co-Lead Chris Martin from Caltech.

Shouleh Nikzad

Study Co-Lead Shouleh Nikzad from JPL.

David Schiminovich

Study Co-Lead David Schiminovich from Columbia University.