Superconducting Nitride Detector Workshop

January 12-13, 2011
California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, CA 91125

Final Report

Workshop Overview:

This workshop will kick off a two-year technical development plan involving Caltech, JPL and a number of collaborating institutions that will substantially extend the state of the art in ultrasensitive photon detector arrays at far-infrared and near-infrared/optical wavelengths. At far-IR wavelengths, the detectors we propose to develop will approach (or exceed) single photon sensitivity. Meanwhile, in the near-IR and optical bands, we aim to demonstrate arrays of energy-resolving photon detectors that can be used to address some of the most dynamic areas in contemporary astrophysics, including searching for terrestrial exoplanets at near-IR and optical wavelengths, and, in the far-infrared, spectroscopically studying the physics of the population of distant, dusty, star-forming, optically faint but far-IR luminous galaxies that together account for half of the electromagnetic radiation produced since the Big Bang.

Workshop Participants:

  • Jochem Baselmans, SRON
  • Bruce Bumble, JPL
  • Martino Calvo, Trento
  • Saptarshi Chaudhuri, Caltech
  • Peter Day, JPL
  • Pascale Diener, SRON NL
  • Tom Downes, Caltech
  • Simon Doyle, Cardiff
  • Ran Duan, Caltech
  • Byeong Ho Eom, Caltech
  • Jianson Gao, NIST
  • Claudia Giordano, Trento
  • Sunil Golwala, Caltech
  • Matt Hollister, Caltech
  • Kent Irwin, NIST
  • Karl Jacobs, Universitaet zu Koeln
  • Warren Johnson, JPL
  • Teun Klapwijk, TU Delft
  • Jacob Kooi, Caltech
  • Rick Leduc, JPL
  • Phil Lubin, UCSB
  • Philip Mauskopf, Cardiff
  • Ben Mazin, UCSB
  • Chris McKenney, Caltech
  • Dave Moore, Caltech
  • Harvey Moseley, GSFC
  • Omid Noroozian, Caltech
  • Steve Padin, Caltech
  • Dave Pappas, NIST
  • Markus Roesch, IRAM
  • Florian Schomacker, University of Cologne
  • Erik Shirokoff, Berkeley
  • Geoff Steeves, Victoria
  • Loren Swenson, Caltech
  • Tasos Vayonakis, Caltech
  • Rebecca Wernis, Caltech
  • David Woody, OVRO
  • Jonas Zmuidzinas, Caltech