Nebulae: Deep-Space Computing Clouds

August 26 - 30, 2019
California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, CA 91125

Workshop Overview:

The purpose of this workshop is to study how to reduce risk in future missions, accelerate science discovery, and enable a new class of high-data-rate, deep space science missions by taking advantage of high-performance spaceflight computing and data storage. We imagine a paradigm shift that resembles the concentration of computing resources into "clouds" (both centralized and distributed) – yet in deep space – and so we name such an arrangement after the deep space clouds, Nebulae.

We are motivated by the fact that down-link limits have severely constrained the types of science instruments we fly. For example: The CRISM and HiRISE instruments were able to image only a tiny fraction of the Mars surface for detailed study. Could on-site storage have allowed us to collect data over the whole of Mars, and been combined with onboard summary, compression, or prioritization to enable new serendipitous discoveries? Could this paradigm extend and scale to enable data-capture missions like “CRISM or Hyperion for all of Titan”?

This workshop seeks to Identify new science missions enabled by a Nebula; to quantify benefit to traditional, existing, and planned science missions; and to identify candidate mission architectures, interfaces, data standards, and demonstration milestones for follow on technology development.

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Lodging for out-of-town attendees

There are a number of hotels (3 pages pdf, 148KB) that are close to the Caltech campus where we have a negotiated rate. (Please note that this negotiated rate does not guarantee you the lowest rate as there may be internet specials or AAA rates that may be better.)

Please note that with enough notice, you can reserve rooms for attendees at the Athenaeum, which has been recognized as a Platinum Club of America. Newly refurbished, it is conveniently located on the Caltech Campus. Contact Janet Seid if you would like to check the availability of this option.

Visa Requirements

For Visa requirement information and travel to the United States please visit the website of the U.S. Department of State.

Parking (for Visitors and for JPL Personnel)

For Visitors: From the Arroyo Parkway, turn right (east) on Del Mar Avenue. Proceed approximately one and a quarter miles. The Caltech campus will be on your right. Turn right (south) onto Wilson Avenue. Turn right into the North Wilson Structure and park in an unmarked spot. Buy a parking permit from the kiosk located inside the North Wilson Structure or request one ahead of time from KISS.

For JPL Personnel: JPLers may use their JPL hang tag for parking or request a special parking hangtag from the JPL parking office. Employees who do not have on-Lab parking privileges can obtain a hang tag created for this purpose from JPL parking coordinator Robert Kennedy (818-354-4586, Building 310-108B, 9/80 schedule). Please park in an unmarked spot in the North Wilson Structure located on Wilson Avenue.

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