18 - 22

Workshop: Unlocking a New Era in Biodiversity Science - Linking Integrated Space Based and In-Situ Observations (Part II)

This workshop will address how the biodiversity and remote sensing communities can work together to implement a biodiversity monitoring system. Our goal is to define an overall architectural construct supporting this vision and its specific components.


Lecture: Biodiversity: Perspectives of a Techie

What is biodiversity, how do you measure, monitor, and detect changes in it, and why should you care? These are some of the topics discussed in this techie’s perspective on the state of our biodiversity knowledge.

24 - 29

2019 Caltech Space Challenge

The Caltech Space Challenge brings 32 talented and highly-motivated students to the Caltech campus to participate in a week-long space mission design competition. The Challenge is a unique opportunity for young and enthusiastic students to build technical and teamwork skills, interact with world-renowed experts in space exploration and connect to like-minded peers from all around the world.

20 - 24

Data-Driven Approaches to Searches for the Technosignatures of Advanced Civilizations

This workshop will explore the possible paths for a systematic exploration of observable parameter spaces derived from the modern sky surveys, using machine learning and other computational tools.

10 - 14

Nebulae: Deep-Space Computing Clouds

The purpose of this workshop is to study how to reduce risk in future missions, accelerate science discovery, and enable a new class of high-data-rate, deep space science missions by taking advantage of high-performance spaceflight computing and data storage.

14 - 18

Sensing Forest Water Dynamics from Space: Towards Predicting the Earth System Response to Droughts

The focus of this workshop is to greatly increase our current capacity to understand and predict the response of forest ecosystems to droughts and links between water and carbon processes in the earth’s biosphere.