November 28
- December 1

Workshop: Unlocking the Climate Record Stored within Mars' Polar Layered Deposits - Part II

This workshop will develop viable concepts for orbital and surface implementations of a PLD mission and identify key technology gaps that could be addressed with near-term and long-term investments


Symposium - Plan B: Engineering a Cooler Earth

At this one day event, experts in carbon dioxide removal and sequestration, and global brightening to reflect more of the sun's rays, a process known as albedo management, will describe the state of the science, as well as discuss issues of ethics, governance, and communication.


2018 Study Program Proposals Due (noon)

The Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) will be soliciting proposals for Study Programs to be carried out during the 2018 calendar year. We intend to select and support 4-5 Study Programs for the 2017 calendar year.

16 - 19

Workshop: The Architecture of LISA Science Analysis - Imagining the Future

The broad objective of this study workshop is to imagine how evolved or rethought data-analysis algorithms and source-modeling codes will solve the LISA science analysis on the computers of the future.

12 - 16

Workshop: MarsX - Mars Subsurface Exploration

This workshop is the incubator for determining science questions, key technologies, collaborations, strategies, and mission proposals that will make deep and wide Mars subsurface access a feasible and affordable reality beyond Mars 2020.

19 - 23

Workshop: Designing Future CMB Experiments

This workshop will will address the design and concept of future Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) experiments and in particular a future CMB satellite to extract cosmological information from the polarized CMB photons.