Lecture: Parker Solar Probe - Exploring the Plasma Physics of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere

This lecture will emphasize the potential new discoveries stemming from the first exploration of the space inside the orbit of Mercury and will also discuss how synergies with Solar Orbiter might lead to more accurate understanding of the state of the solar wind all the way from the corona into interplanetary space..

27 - 31

NASA Summer School on Satellite Observations and Climate Models

Our yearly summer school focuses on the topic of "Using Satellite Observations to Advance Climate Models". Students will explore how satellite observations can be used to evaluate and improve climate models, and will hear from a range of speakers on climate model diagnostics and evaluation and remote sensing of the planet.

1 - 5

Workshop: Unlocking a New Era in Biodiversity Science: Linking Integrated Space Based and In-Situ Observations

The focus of this workshop is to advance progress towards the development of a global biodiversity observation system that couples space-based and ground-based approaches to quantifying biodiversity, to identify gaps in biodiversity traits and EBVs, and to explore how the fusion of diverse remote sensing measurements can contribute to monitoring biodiversity change.

15 - 19

Workshop: Tidal Heating – Lessons from Io and the Jovian System

This workshop will emphasize the Jovian system, and Io in particular, as the best laboratory for understanding the fundamental processes of tidal heating.

Oct. 29
- Nov. 2

Workshop: Large Constellations and Formations for Exploring Interstellar Objects and Long-Period Comets

This workshop will investigate the best strategies for exploring planetary objects with very long periods such as ‘Oumuamua, the first interstellar visitor ever observed, and comets coming from the Oort cloud.