An Interstellar Conversation An Interstellar Conversation

An Interstellar Conversation

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8:00 P.M. Lecture
Beckman Auditorium, California Institute of Technology

Rusty Schweickart


Prof. Freeman Dyson

Physicist, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Tom Jones


Dr. Mae Jemison

Physician, Engineer, Former Astronaut and Leader of the 100 Year Starship Organization

John Lewis


Prof. Ed Stone

Voyager Mission Project Scientist, Caltech

Bill Nye the Science Guy


Dr. Leon Alkalai

Ast. Div. Mgr, Systems Engineering & Formulation Division at JPL


Ed Stone led the first science mission into the interstellar medium when Voyager 1 passed through the heliopause some 120 AU from the Sun into a region whose composition was dominated by particles from distant stars. This is humankind's first interstellar probe -- but it is only a tiny step in that direction. Can we go further, faster? What are the key scientific investigations to be made in interstellar space? Are there more distant milestones in the interstellar medium to strive as next steps toward interstellar flight?

Joining Ed to discuss what's out there will be Freeman Dyson, whose creative thinking about interstellar flight and astrophysics has stimulated two generations of space explorers and former Astronaut Mae Jemison who leads the 100 Year Starship organization creating new projects for Earth and space based on ideas of interstellar flight.

This public event is sponsored by the Keck Institute for Space Studies and the Planetary Society. No registration is required, and parking is free. Seating is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis.