9 - 13

Workshop: Venus In Situ Sample Capture Mission - Part II

The goal of the workshop is to develop new concepts for in situ sample capture missions, where samples from the Venusian surface or lower atmosphere are delivered to an “airborne laboratory” for analysis.

15 - 19

Workshop: Developing a Continuity Framework for Satellite Observations of Climate

The goal of the workshop is to establish consensus around the needs and challenges associated with “Continuity”, including: considering the needs for climate science, mitigation, adaptation, and identifying technical, programmatic, and observing architecture design challenges.

19 - 23

Workshop: Targeting Microhabitats for Life Detection

This workshop will examine non-destructive instrumentation to detect biosignatures and sampling techniques to collect and preserve microhabitats while retaining the spatial context.

24 - 28

Workshop: Enabling Fast Response Missions to NEOs, ISOs, and LPCs

This workshop will identify the mission lifecycle changes required to explore an ISO and LPC and will dive deeper into “rapid response”, develop strategies and identify technologies to enable the up-close exploration of the next ISO or LPC discovered.

Nov. 28
- Dec. 2

Workshop: Exploring Exoplanets with Interferometry

This workshop will unite experts in small bodies science, relevant instruments, ISO and LPC design, and mission implementation to tackle some of the most challenging aspects of developing and executing a mission to an LPC, ISO, or NEO.