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Lifting the Veil on the Dark Sector of the Universe

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"As a theoretical cosmologist, my research focuses on unravelling the mystery of dark matter. My objective as a Keck Institute Postdoctoral Fellow is to develop new analysis techniques that could dramatically improve our knowledge of the dark-matter sector. Coupled to a dedicated future space-based observatory such as OMEGA, our analysis has the potential to answer deep questions about the dark sector. What particles does it contain? What are their properties? Are there new fundamental interactions? A possible avenue to address these questions is to study the distribution of dark-matter substructures within galactic halos through gravitational lensing. Nevertheless, much work is still needed to turn gravitational-lensing data into information about the whole population of substructures within halos. Specifically, my work consists in developing new analytical and numerical tools to characterize the whole ensemble of substructures using gravitational-lensing data. With these tools in place, we will be able to use observations of known lenses to accurately infer the properties of their substructures and link these to the corresponding key physics governing the dark-matter sector." (September 2012)


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