Solicitation Release Date: October 3, 2016
Proposal Concepts Due (Required): November 3, 2016 (noon)
Proposals Due: December 20, 2016 (noon)

The Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) is soliciting proposals for Study Programs to be carried out during the 2017 calendar year. We intend to select and support 4-5 Study Programs for the 2017 calendar year. 
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Study program proposals are solicited in the areas of space engineering, planetary science, remote sensing and earth system science, astrobiology, and astronomy and physics from space.

The goal of the Keck Institute is to develop ideas and concepts that have the potential to revolutionize future space missions.  The Institute will do this by convening study programs and workshops that bring together the best engineers and scientists from JPL and Campus along with leading scientists and engineers from the external research community.

The Keck Institute is looking for approaches that would not happen without KISS sponsorship. We are looking for technically oriented studies that significantly advance a field.  Proposals for incremental advances will not be funded. We are interested in bringing people together in new ways on in-depth collaborations that will pursue new scientific and technical directions.

Your proposal concept should include:

  • 2-page Proposal Concept (see templates): submitted as a pdf

Your final proposal should include:

  • 5-page Proposal with required appendices (see templates): submitted as a pdf
  • Please note: Letters of committment from the 18 participants must be included in the proposal.

NOTE: This proposal concept process does not have a go/no-go decision associated with it as other proposal concept phases do. Do not wait to receive a "go-ahead" before continuing work on your proposal. The proposal concepts merely allow the KISS steering committee to understand the breadth of the proposals coming in, and to help proposal teams develop the best proposals possible.

Proposal Concepts Due (Required): NOON - 03 November 2016

Submit a PDF version of your concept via email to Iryna Chatila by the deadline above.

Please continue working on your proposal. While you will be provided with feedback on your proposal from a KISS Steering Committee Member, this is not a go/no-go decision.

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Proposals Due: NOON - 20 December 2016

Submit a PDF version of your proposal via email to Iryna Chatila by the deadline above. Your letters of commitment must be in Appendix C.

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Can foreign nationals be included as core-participants in KISS workshops?
Yes - we welcome the best talent globally available.

When I submit my proposal concept, do my 18 core participants all have to finalized?
No. This list of core participants only needs to be finalized when you submit the full proposal. It is helpful, however, to submit as best a list as possible so that the KISS Steering Committee can give you the best feedback possible on the concept itself.

When will I get notified that my proposal concept got the green light and to go ahead and submit a full proposal?
KISS doesn't have a go/no-go policy for the study program call. We use the one-page proposal concepts to get an idea of what proposals are coming into the Institute.

How long can the proposal be?
The proposal itself can be 5 pages long, and there are some required appendices that have no page limit.

How many core-participants can be included in the proposal?
We will only accept letters of commitment from 18 core-participants. You are welcome to list additional people you would like to suggest as core-participants, but only the top 18 listed will be guaranteed a spot in the study should it be selected.

Are the three Co-Leads included in the limit of 18 core participants we may propose?

Are letters of commitment from core participants in email format acceptable?
Yes. Concatenate all of the letters (regardless of format) and incorporate that into the required proposal appendix.

Are students considered core participants?
Students are generally not considered core participants, and they will not be counted against your limit of core-participants. Students may be nominated (by core-participants) to attend the study. This occurs during the registration process for the study, after the study has been selected for funding.

I am a JPL co-lead, and I understand that KISS cannot provide $ to JPL to participate in the study. How do we go about getting funding to attend the workshop and participate during the study program?
Please contact the Office of the Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist at JPL (Kathy Dumas) for their process on how to secure JPL support for a study.

Does KISS pay for all external visitors to travel to and from the Institute for workshops?
No. We have limited travel funds for attendees, this includes professionals as well as students, so we can partially support travel for the few who need it. Preference is given to students, postdocs, young faculty, and young researchers. Those who cost-share with KISS are also given preference.

Does KISS pay labor for external visitors who are core workshop participants?