Physics Research Conference Physics Research Conference

Confirmed Schedule:

3:30pm Bus begins loading in the Cahill loading zone
3:45pm Bus leaves Caltech from Cahill loading zone
4:45pm Arrive SpaceX, check in and restroom break before starting
5:00pm Overview of SpaceX in von Braun Conference Room followed by SpaceX tour of Crew Capsule with Garrett Reisman, etc.
6:15pm Elon Musk in von Braun Conference Room (30 min. of discussion)
7:00pm Catered informal dinner in SpaceX cafeteria
8:00pm Bus leaves SpaceX for Caltech
8:45pm Arrive at Caltech


Cameras are not allowed at SpaceX. Cell-phones with cameras must remain put away (i.e. in a pocket or purse).  SpaceX will arrange for a group photo to be taken and will send us a photo – which we will then send on to you. 

If you are a foreign national, please send us a scanned copy (pdf) of your passport by 10am on Monday, March 5, 2012 so that we can send it to SpaceX for clearance.

We are providing a bus from Caltech to SpaceX (and back) and an informal dinner in the SpaceX cafeteria.