2019 JPL Researchers on Campus (JROC) Reception

Monday, July 8, 2019

5 P.M. - 7 P.M.
Keck Center, California Institute of Technology

This reception is hosted by the Keck Institute for Space Studies.


This is a mixer designed to bring together Campus faculty and JPL researchers who are interested in collaborating on topics of mutual interest. The overarching goal of this program is enable faculty, students, postdocs, and other researchers to create a rich set of interactions with JPL researchers and ultimately to build a strong and diverse joint research program between JPL and Campus.

This program provides funding for JPL researchers to spend time on campus (in connection with a Caltech faculty host) and could include activities such as:

  • In-depth research discussions
  • Brainstorming new areas of collaboration
  • Development of joint JPL/Campus research proposals
  • Participation in regular small group seminars/meetings
  • Exchange of expertise between JPL and Campus including students and postdocs
  • Development of pedagogic resources not directly associated with a class

Below are a few examples of collaborations sought from attendees who have already RSVP'd:

  • solar fuels, catalysis, redox flow batteries, photochemistry
  • aerospace & materials engineering - rarefied gas dynamic and free-molecular transport phenomena, computational physics modeling of e.g. thruster plume flows, materials outgassing and internal diffusion, etc.
  • astronomical detectors
  • CMB - cosmic microwave background
  • technologies for doing science or human health for application on earth or in space
  • trajectory design, spacecraft systems, innovative spacecraft missions
  • elevation model generation, webgis, data visualization
  • deep learning, remote sensing, formation flying
  • robotic systems, in-space infastructure
  • machine learning, anomaly detection (novelty detection)
  • robot learning, computer vision
  • AI, telecommunications, autonomy, multi-agent autonomy, aviation
  • UQ / data analysis
  • embedded systems, computer engineering
  • cyber security
  • remote sensing, applied machine learning
  • planetary composition, exoplanets, laboratory studies, astrobiology
  • collaborative autonomous distributed systems
  • planet formation, exoplanets, solar system
  • exoplanets, astronomy, mission operations
  • atmospheric research
  • earth system science, carbon cycle
  • glaciology
  • geophysics
  • astrobiology, geobiology