This virtual mini-symposium will include presentations and discussion on how space-based climate and environmental observations support U.S. national security interests and decision making. The presentations will be given by national security experts who will provide information and their perspectives on the following topics and questions:

  • Climate security 101 – a high level introduction to this new and growing aspect of the national security landscape
  • What are the most important climate security and environmental situational awareness objectives and questions from the perspective of the national security community?
    • Who uses climate and environmental data and how are they being used?
    • What are the trends and the anticipated future demand for climate and environmental data?
    • How sensitive are these applications and decisions to gaps and changes in uncertainty level of the data?
  • What is the awareness of the climate and environmental security community regarding the role satellite observations play now, or could play in the future, in providing climate and environmental data?  
  • What are your recommendations for how to better align and bridge these two communities – those using the data for guidance concerning climate and environmental security and those that enabling and improving the underlying data.


Image of Anna Michalak

Introduction: Anna Michalak

Director, Dept. of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science

Image of Rod S. Schoonover

Rod S. Schoonover

CEO, Ecological Futures Group;

Image of Erin Sikorsky

Erin Sikorsky

Director, The Center for Climate and Security;

Image of Lauren Herzer Risi

Lauren Herzer Risi

Program Director, Environmental Change and Security Program;

Image of Timothy Stryker

Discussion: Timothy Stryker

Chief, Outreach and Collaboration Branch, USGS