Large Space Apertures

November 10-11, 2008
California Institute of Technology

Workshop Overview:

The workshop provided an opportunity for interaction between the local participants (from Caltech and JPL) and a number of external participants that will shape the future directions of an ongoing 6-month study that began with this kick-off workshop. Our aim is to make a lasting impact on the field of large space apertures.

The Large Apertures Workshop had the following objectives:

  1. What are the community’s needs for (a) optical apertures or (b) RF apertures in the next 10-20 years?
  2. What is the state of the art in optical and RF apertures?
  3. What are the roadblocks that prevent us from meeting the community’s needs, given the state of the art?
  4. What approaches could be followed to address these roadblocks?

Workshop Participants:

  • Greg S. Agnes - JPL
  • Bibb B. Allen - Harris Corporation
  • Jim B. Breckinridge - JPL
  • Allen J. Bronowicki - NGST
  • Jianguo Cai - Caltech
  • Tim S. Clark - DARPA
  • Gene M. Cliff - Virginia Tech
  • Rick E. Cofield - JPL
  • Tom A. Cwik - JPL
  • Greg L. Davis - JPL
  • X. Deng - Caltech
  • Jennifer A. Dooley - JPL
  • Mark W. Dragovan - JPL
  • Bob E. Freeland - JPL
  • Bob E. Giampaoli - NGC
  • Jackie G. Gish - Northrop Grumman
  • Marcial Gonzalez - Caltech
  • Feras Habbal - Caltech
  • Fred Y. Hadaegh - JPL
  • Rick G. Helms - JPL
  • Phil J. Henderson - Harris Corp
  • Terry L. Herdman - Virginia Tech
  • Greg Hickey - JPL
  • Claus C. Hoff - JPL
  • Tracy H. Kidd - Northrop Grumman
  • Naoko Kishimoto - Japan Aerospace Explor. Agency
  • Anton M. Koekemoer - STScI
  • Kawai Kwok - Caltech
  • Mark S. Lake - EagleRock Consulting, LLC
  • Dan Lester - University of Texas
  • Marie B. Levine - JPL
  • Marty Levine - JPL
  • Zac J. Lizer - Applied Minds
  • Francisco Lopez Jimenez - Caltech
  • John W. Lucas
  • Chinthaka Mallikarachchi - Caltech
  • Geoff W. Marks - NGST Astro Aerospace
  • Michael E. McEachen - ATK
  • Jon M. Mihaly - Caltech
  • Mehran Mobrem - NGST Astro Aerospace
  • Jim D. Moore - ManTech SRS
  • Matt M. Mountain - STScI
  • Alina Moussessian - JPL
  • Tom Murphey - Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Dave M. Murphy - ATK Spacecraft Systems
  • Michael Ortiz - Caltech
  • Satoru Ozawa - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • Sergio Pellegrino - Caltech
  • Lee D. Peterson - JPL
  • Ron S. Polidan - NGST
  • Tom Price - Xinetics
  • Marco B. Quadrelli - JPL
  • Jason Rabinovitch - Caltech
  • Yahya Rahmat-Samii - UCLA
  • Julian J Rimoli - Caltech
  • Ares J. Rosakis - Caltech
  • Julian Santiago Prowald - ESA-ESTEC
  • Virendra Sarohia - JPL
  • Bob E. Skelton - UCSD
  • Phil Stahl - NASA
  • Olive R. Stohlman - Caltech
  • Mark W. Thomson - JPL
  • Maria Tupputi - Caltech
  • Pete A. Warren - Foster-Miller/QinetiQ
  • Keats K. Wilkie - JPL
  • Cliff E. Willey - ILC Dover LP
  • KT T. Zamora -DARPA/SETA
  • Feng Zhao - JPL

Workshop Presentations

Sergio Pellegrino

Deployable Structures: What Have We Learnt During the What Have We Learnt During the Last 10 Years?


Michael Ortiz

Large Space Apertures


Jennifer Dooley

Roving, sample acquisition and sample manipulation: existing and plausible capabilities

Bob Freeland

Deployable Antenna Structures Technologies 

Matt Mountain
Space Telescope Science Institute

Going from HST to JSWT and Beyond: The Science Drivers for Large Apertures in Space


Robert Giampaoli 

Engineering the James Webb Space Telescope

Julian Santiago Prowald 

Large Deployable Antennas 

Satoru Ozawa 

Large Deployable Reflector on Engineering Test Satellite VIII

Mark Thomson
Mechanical vs. Inflatable Deployable Structures
Feng Zhao 
Metrology Systems
Dave Redding 
Active and Adaptive Optics
Mark Lake  Vision for Future Reflector Technologies
Leri Datashvili via Julian Santiago Prowald 
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
SMART Reflectors
Tom Murphey 
Deployable Structures
Mark Dragovan 
Membrane Telescopes
Marie Levine 
Overview of Exoplanet Exploration Concepts
Jim Breckinridge 
Optical system science Optical system science & technology & technology
Timothy Clark 
DARPA Investment in Large Apertures
Richard Cofield 
Composition of the Atmosphere from Mid-Earth Orbit (CAMEO) Scanning Microwave Limb Sounder (SMLS)
Dan Lester 
University of Texas
Large Space Apertures: Customers & Users - The Long View From Astronomy
Anton Koekemoer 
Space Telescope Science Institute
Scientific Drivers for a Large UV -Opt -NIR Space Telescope / NIR Space Telescope Telescope / “ATLAST” concept study