KISS Affiliates Program – Solicitation KISS Affiliates Program – Solicitation

Solicitation Release Date: 03 October 2023
Nomination Due Date: 03 November 2023

The Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) is soliciting nominations for KISS Affiliates who will be welcomed into the cohort in January 2024.

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Nominated by the Caltech faculty, KISS Affiliates are an ongoing cohort of Campus graduate students and postdocs who are seen as the next generation of space exploration leaders. Many KISS Affiliates share that their interactions with the Institute (and the people they meet through the Institute) comprise some of their best experiences at Caltech. KISS provides them with unique experiences with industry CEOs, astronauts, space mission leaders, NASA leadership and world-renowned space exploration researchers.

Organized by KISS, this group meets monthly and a meal sponsored by KISS is normally associated with each event.

We intend to select one graduate student and one postdoctoral scholar from each of the EAS, GPS and PMA divisions, adding a total of 6 new KISS Affiliates to the ongoing program. We will, however, consider outstanding candidates from other divisions if a space-related candidate has been identified and nominated.

A one-page nomination by a faculty advisor is due via email by November 3, 2023. Successful nominees will be notified by end of the fall term.

Nomination Components

  • Name of Candidate
  • Position: (Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Scholar)
  • Name of Advisor:
  • Division: (EAS, GPS, PMA or from other divisions for space-related candidates)
  • Why should this candidate be considered for the cohort (describe the passion of the candidate for space exploration)?
  • In what ways does the candidate contribute to the overall diversity of the cohort?
  • Possible or Desired Connection to JPL (if any)?
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