Postdoctoral Fellows Postdoctoral Fellows

Prize Postdoctoral Fellows

Abigail Fraeman

Abigail Fraeman (2014)

Advancing Remote Spectroscopy with New Methods and Instrumentation

Abigail Crites

Abigail Crites (2013)

Constraining Inflation with Measurements of the CMB Polarization with BICEP3

Nicolas Lee

Nicolas Lee (2013)

A Distributed Space Weather Monitoring Network

Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine

Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine (2012)

Lifting the Veil on the Dark Sector of the Universe

Christine Hartzell

Christine Hartzell (2012)

Computational Modeling of Spacecraft-Regolith Interactions

Eric Kort

Eric Kort (2011)

Measurement of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Erik Shirokoff

Erik Shirokoff (2011)

Development of ultra-sensitive photon detectors for sub-mm wavelength astronomy

Namiko Yamamoto

Namiko Yamamoto (2011)

Material Engineering in Nano/Micro Levels for Space Structures

Piyush Shanker Agram

Piyush Shanker Agram (2010)

Multi-temporal InSAR and multi-dimensional phase unwrapping

Siddhartha (Sid) Pathak

Siddhartha (Sid) Pathak (2010)

Deformation Mechanisms of Space Materials under Extreme Environments

Neus Sabater

Neus Sabater (2010)

Optical image processing for Earth surface changes detection

Oliver King

Oliver King (2009)

C-BASS, MMICs, and KuBE: Cutting-edge instruments and experiments

Marin Kobilarov

Marin Kobilarov (2009)

Discrete Geometric Motion Control of Autonomous Vehicles