MMIC Array Receivers and Spectrographs Workshop - Part II

March 22-24, 2009
California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, CA 91125

Final Report

Workshop Overview:

This study has the following objectives:

  1. Explore the science that would be enabled by large MMIC arrays for cosmology, astrophysics, planetary science, atmospheric science, and remote sensing of the Earth. Would this be "transformational" science?
  2. Explore the technical promise and projected capabilities of MMIC arrays over the next decade. What are the current limitations to their development? (funding?, shortage of groups working on this worldwide?, other?)
  3. Determine the key technical developments that are needed both for MMIC arrays themselves and for digital backends. Identify prototypes that should be the subject of follow-on funding.
  4. Devise a roadmap for MMIC arrays and MMIC array spectrograph development over the next decade, including the prototypes, the likely sources of funding, the principal instrumentalist groups and industries that should be involved, etc.
  5. Recommend specific prototype development programs that should be funded over the next 2-3 years to ensure timely exploitation of this rapidly developing capability.

Workshop Participants:

  • Kieran A Cleary - Caltech
  • Philip J Diamond - University of Manchester
  • Neal R Erickson - University of Massachusetts
  • Todd C Gaier - JPL Professor
  • Sunil R Golwala - Caltech
  • Keith Grainge - Cambridge University
  • Chris E Groppi - University of Arizona
  • Sam Gulkis - JPL
  • Josh O Gundersen - University of Miami
  • Phil R. Jewell - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  • Pekka Kangaslahti - JPL
  • Oliver G King - University of Oxford
  • Richard Lai - NGST
  • Charles R Lawrence - JPL
  • Karl Menten - MPIfR
  • Matt A Morgan - NRAO
  • Tim J Pearson - Caltech
  • Marian W Pospieszalski - NRAO
  • Tony C Readhead - Caltech
  • Lorene Samoska - JPL
  • Virendra Sarohia - JPL
  • Mike Seiffert - JPL
  • Sandy Weinreb - Caltech
  • Peter N. Wilkinson - U of Manchester
  • Ghassan Yassin - University of Oxford
  • Anton J. Zensus - MPI für Radioastronomie

Workshop Presentations

Todd Gaier

Radiometric Remote Sensing Instruments

Chris Groppi
University of Arizona

Supercam SIS Array receiver

Phil Jewell
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Focal plane array development at NRAO

Karl Menten
Max-Plank-Institut fuer Radioastronomie

Spectrometer requirements; APEX, etc.

Sandy Weinreb

Transistors, Antennas and Integration

Peter Wilkinson
University of Manchester

Apricot and Other Relevant Technological Developments in Europe

Bruce Winstein
University of Chicago

The QU Imaging ExperimenT (QUIET)

Ghassan Yassin
University of Oxford

Quasi-optical components for the next generation of cosmology instruments

Ghassan Yassin
University of Oxford

Novel Technologies for CMB Cosmology Instruments