Cubesat-Based Low Frequency Radio Astronomy Missions

July 10-12, 2012
California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, CA 91125

Dayton Jones

Dayton Jones from JPL is organizing the workshop.

Paper abstract (view online)

This workshop will focus on concepts for low-frequency radio astronomy missions that are enabled by cubesat technologies. We plan to consider all aspects of such missions, from the science goals to concept definitions to specific technical challenges. In particular, we plan to examine areas where recent advances in micro- and nano-satellite capabilities make new, more cost-effective science missions possible.

We expect that a primary result of the workshop will be to enhance and strengthen proposals from the low frequency radio astronomy community in response to future NASA (and other) mission opportunities.

Workshop Participants:

  • Ahmed Akgiray - Caltech
  • Willem Baan - ASTRON
  • Payam Banazadeh - University of Texas
  • Jack Burns - University of Colorado
  • Les Deutsch - JPL
  • Courtney Duncan - JPL
  • Jake Hartman -JPL
  • Daniel Jacobs - Arizona State University
  • Dayton Jones - JPL
  • Namir Kassim - NRL
  • Tom Kuiper - JPL
  • Joe Lazio - JPL
  • Glenn Lightsey - University of Texas
  • Bob MacDowall - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Charles Norton - JPL
  • Ian O'Dwyer - JPL
  • Chris Phillips - CASS
  • Damon Russel - Caltech
  • Greg Schmidt - NASA Ames Research Center
  • Robert Staehle - JPL
  • Steve Unwin - JPL
  • Kurt Weiler - NRL/ret.
  • Sandy Weinreb - Caltech

Summary of previous LF radio mission concepts

Kurt W. Weiler

40 Years of Planning for Radio Astronomy from Space and the Moon 
(5 MB pdf)
with notes on keeping it simple (29 KB pdf)

Payam Banazadeh

XSOLARA: Extrasolar Observing Low-Frequency Radio Astronomy 
(16 MB pdf)

Discussion of high-level science priorities

Namir Kassim
Naval Research Laboratory

74-MHz science results from the VLA 
(4.2 MB pdf)

Jack Burns
U. Colorado

DARE: Dark Ages Radio Explorer 
(5 MB pdf)

Danny Jacobs

Reionization Foregrounds 
(12.6 MB pdf)

Robert Staehle

Interplanetary cubesat missions 
(8.4 MB pdf)

Discussion of cubesat technology advances

Charles Norton

Introduction to CubeSats 
(2.4 MB pdf)

Robert Staehle

Cubesat solar sails 
(3.8 MB pdf)

E. Glenn Lightsey
U. of Texas - Austin

Cubesat Formation Flying 
(6.3 MB pdf)

Dayton Jones

Summary of highest priority science goals 
(50 KB pdf)

Dayton Jones

Mission requirements for main science goals 
(42 KB pdf)